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Bulk prices on the Z Sonic toothbrush and more!


Z Sonic Toothbrush

$199.95 MSRP
Aetna Member Price: $69.95
Bulk Price: $56.00


(Minimum of 50 units)
Eliminates more plaque (21%)
and gingivitis (11%) than manual brushing, and excellent battery life
(3 months on 1 charge!)
Source: Cochran Oral Health Group; 6-17-2014

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Z Sonic Mini Toothbrush

$24.95 MSRP
Aetna Member Price: $15.95
Bulk Price: $13.50
With Free S&H
(Minimum of 50 units)

The power of an electric toothbrush in a convenient travel size! At 16,000 pulses/ minute on the sensitive setting and 28,000 pulses/ minute on the highest setting, this toothbrush is the way to go to eliminate more plaque than manual brushing!  The Z Sonic Mini is designed with a replaceable brush head and a toothbrush cover for easy brushing anywhere and anytime.

Purchase includes: 1 Z Sonic Toothbrush,
1 Brush Head and 1 AAA battery.

Best Kits On-The-Go!

Adult Oral Health Kit

(Minimum purchase of 50 units)
$12.40 MSRP
Aetna Member Discount Price: $7.74

Bulk Price: $3.75

Travel Health Kit

(Minimum purchase of 50 units)
$26.80 MSRP
Aetna Member Discount Price: $16.74

Bulk Price: $8.75

Z Dental

3280 N. Colorado Street
Chandler, AZ 85225
+1 (888) 228-7706

About Us
We are a family owned and operated dental supply company that specializes in offering affordable, ergonomic and customized products. We do not sell to retail but directly to dental professionals.
We strive to be excellent and provide 
high quality in all that we do. While large national companies have layer upon layer of management, we operate lean and efficient. This is why we can pass on the savings directly to you day in and day out. The end result is that you save money!

The same way we treat our family with care, support and respect, we treat Z Dental and the Z Dental family. We are committed to building a legacy and doing things the right way. We really take care of our customers and feel privileged to serve them. After all, that's what family is all about.

What People Are Saying
"I love that the Z Sonic has a powerful battery. The most powerful in the market."

- Lauri (Dental Hygienist)


"What I love most about the Z Sonic is the soft bristles, the battery longevity, and the advanced settings."
- Shawnie (Dental Hygienist)


"I went in for my 6-month hygiene appointment, which I was behind on, it was more like 8 months since the last cleaning.  The hygienist asked if I had done anything different from my last appointment, the only thing that changed was that I had been using the Z Sonic for the last 6 months.  He commented that my teeth have never been so clean, he hardly had anything to clean. We both believe it had to do with the Z Sonic, he also uses it and he really likes it as well."
- Chris (Consumer)


"I received my first Z Sonic toothbrush in May 2018.
After using it for a couple weeks, I raved to my wife about how clean it made my mouth feel. She asked me to buy one for her. She loved it and told me that a tooth that’d been hurting her for over 10 years, no longer hurt and attributed that 100% to the     Z Sonic. 
I subsequently bought a Z Sonic for my son as a birthday present and am curious what he thinks. If the pattern holds true...he’ll love it!"
- David (Consumer)

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