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“...more than half of Americans say the COVID-19 pandemic has caused them to put off general dental check-ups, which can lead to serious oral health problems.”

- recent survey commissioned by the American Association of Endodontists

31% were snacking more on sweets

28% didn't schedule or forgot to schedule a dental visit

1 in 4 said they waited until later in the morning to brush their teeth, while 21% didn't brush in the morning at all

There was also a major drop off in flossing, with 24% saying they're flossing less frequently, while 23% say they aren't flossing

43% of those surveyed indicated that working from home or attending virtual classes from home led to disruptions to their usual dental hygiene habits during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown

Bad Breath

When preventative care is neglected or postponed, restorative care is often the (more expensive) result. 

How can you operate in this new environment, provide the benefits your members need, and remain profitable?

At-home preventative care for your members is more important than ever.


Our Z Sonic Pulse Program is the solution.


(Read the following case studies to learn more about how our program has made an impact on dental insurance companies nationwide)

Contact us to learn how our Z Sonic Pulse Program saved a dental insurance company in the Northeast over $1,500,000...

Case Studies by Z Dental: COVID-19 and Dental Insurance Companies
Predicament in the Southwest

For an insurance company in the Southwest, the closure of local economies due to COVID-19 led to a decline in insurance payouts.

With a surplus of premium dollars, the insurance company decided to rebate their groups a portion of the premium dollars. The groups maintained discretion on how to allocate the funds, and may or may not have used the funds for dental related products or services for their employees.

Demand for preventive care increased, although members were either not able or were too concerned about the pandemic to visit their dentist.

After refunding a large portion of premium dollars back to their groups, the insurance company now has concerns.

As members are finally starting to visit their dentists again, without professional preventative care or without tools provided to maintain oral health, the insurance company is concerned that claims for restorative care may exceed premiums.

Premiums can’t be increased until renewal and increased premiums pose a risk to competitive advantage.

Big Win in the Northeast

An insurance company in the Northeast decided to reward their members with a Z Sonic Pulse sonic toothbrush for getting back into the dental office for preventive care. 

They initially estimated 15,000 members would take advantage of the program. Over 150,000 members accepted the offer and visited their dental office for regular preventative dental care. 

The insurance company was thrilled with the results of the program and their provider network was ecstatic to have patients return to the dental office. They stated this was a big win for them, a win for their members, and a win for the providers. 

Possibilities in the Midwest

An insurance company in the Midwest is reviewing a program to provide a Z Sonic Pulse toothbrush to every member who renews their policy. Each year after that they plan to give members 4 free brush heads at each renewal date - a year's supply. 

(ADA recommends replacing brush heads every 3 months). 

In 2020, 39% of Americans cut back on some type of insurance policy due to economic pressures of COVID-19. The program in review provides an incentive for members to renew.

Innovation on the East Coast

An insurance company on the East Coast is offering the Z Sonic Pulse to all of their groups that have surplus funds from employees not visiting their dentists. 

By partnering with our Z Sonic Pulse program, they’re utilizing the surplus funds in an effective way that promotes oral hygiene and overall health, rather than sitting idle.

Many of their larger groups are now interested in offering this product to their employees as they see the benefit of funds allocated well and the promotion of oral and general health. 

They are considering a custom oral health kit that includes a branded premium sonic toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.

THE Z SONIC PULSE PROGRAM: Provide Benefits Your Member's Need... and Take the Credit Too

Z Dental has been a major provider of Sonic toothbrushes to the insurance industry for over 8 years. See why below.

Pulse Branded Designs


The Z Sonic Pulse offers an incredible imprint surface excellent for branding your company where members will see your brand logo at least twice a day while they brush in the comfort of their home... priceless! We meet fulfillment, you get the credit. 


The Z Sonic Pulse retails for $99.95... but you can have it sent directly to your member's homes for $30 or less. Great value for members, affordable for your budget. 


We want to make you the hero! We can build a discount code for you to distribute to your members that offers a Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) so member households can enjoy the benefits of sonic technology at an affordable price.


Your members get exclusive access to discounted brush head replacements. Who said oral care had to break the bank?

Learn more about the Z Sonic Pulse: difference maker in at-home preventative care

Z SONIC PULSE ORAL HEALTH KIT: Take our Z Sonic Pulse Program to the Next Level

Promote your brand and strengthen at-home preventative care for your members with our Z Sonic Pulse Oral Kit.

Take the Credit

Your company branding on the Z Sonic Pulse toothbrush and floss

You Decide

Choose from national or generic brand toothpaste

Don't Sweat Logistics

We'll ship oral kits directly to your members for you OR develop a plan that works best for you

Pulse Oral Kits Delta and Aetna

SNEAK PEAK! Z Sonic Youth: newest addition to our sonic toothbrush series the coming soon!

Z Sonic Youth White

The Z Sonic Youth Brush is designed with a lightweight frame and 3 brushing modes perfect for kids 5 - 12 years old.

  • Kids can choose from 3 brushing modes: Soft, Massage, and Normal.
  • Sonic power ranges from 32,000 - 43,000 pulses / min
  • Built-in 30 second timer for 2 minutes of brushing (ADA recommendation)
  • Incredible imprint surface for complete customization. Much of the toothbrush surface area is imprintable!
  • Rechargeable battery allows for 180 minutes of brush time or 45 days on a single charge
  • Fully charged in less than 4 hours!
  • Waterproof! (can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes)

Z Sonic Youth Brush comes with 1 brush head replacement and a USB 5v charging cable.

Z Sonic Mini - pound for pound most effective brush on the planet.


Great for kids learning to brush with an electric toothbrush and the perfect travel brush for adults on the go!

Connect with us to learn more

Coming Soon: Upgraded Z Sonic Bluetooth App 


Our goal is to promote better brushing habits and advocate for preventative care. Not sell ad space. 



Learn valuable insights about your member's oral care. 


Oral health plays a major role in overall health. The Z Sonic App provides brushing insights to create better brushing habits. 

Z Sonic App (1)

WHY SONIC TECHNOLOGY: The Difference Maker in At-Home Preventative Care

Manual brushing and oscillating powered toothbrushes rely solely on mechanical action to remove plaque.

A differentiator of sonic technology is the combination of both mechanical action
and hydrodynamics to remove plaque.

The high-frequency vibrations create acoustic waves in the saliva and create small bubbles of oxygen.

The bubbles get to hard to reach places and remove and disrupt the formation of plaque, creating an unfavorable environment for bacteria.

During a 6-month clinical evaluation, a high-frequency sonic toothbrush had 20.1% greater reduction in plaque and a 29.0% greater reduction in interproximal plaque, compared to an oscillating-rotating power toothbrush.

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